The Powerhouse Team of Ahern and Associates

Not all companies engaged in the transportation management business are versed enough in mergers and acquisitions to go through the business. This is the reason why not so long before most transportation management companies emerge in the industry, they go out of business. Only a few companies engaged in the acquisition of trucking and transportation companies have made it big in the United States because of their years of experience in the industry. Ahern and Associates, a consulting firm servicing trucking and transportation companies, has been in the industry for over 30 years and is composed of former chief executive officers and presidents of trucking and transportation companies. The team composing this consulting firm has been providing aid to thousands of transportation companies planning to expand their operations in the United States.
It is primarily because of the expertise of the team that Ahern and Associates was able to reach the pinnacle of the industry. Today, the company is the leading trucking and transportation management consulting firm in North America and continues to make a good impression to the transportation and logistics companies that seek their services. The consultants housed by this transportation management consulting firm specialize in the mergers and acquisitions of companies engaged in the trucking and logistics enterprise. The expertise of its team has made possible the successful acquisition of trucking companies through expert restructuring and evaluation of the carriers used in their operations. Through this, they are able to improve on the efficiency of their operations and give a lift to their profitability as well.
The chief operating officer and manpower of Ahern and Associates hold expertise in a wide array of industries. This is the reason why regardless of the nature of the business of their client is, they are able to perform their services at their optimum. Through the years, hundreds of buyers of trucking and logistics companies have been assisted by the expert team of this consulting firm. The company has succeeded in reducing the overall operating costs of its clients because of the expertise of its team and its dedication to help clients the best way it can.
Just recently, the chief operating officer of Ahern and Associates has expressed how dedicated they are in providing assistance to EZE trucking businesses in the United States. What sets his team apart from others is that in all their transactions, they do not just meet but exceed expectations.

Chris Stokes: Entertainment Industry


Successful entrepreneur Chris Stokes started his career as a producer, leading to the breakthrough of many renowned musicians including Marques Houston, Omarion, B2K, Immature and Brandy. Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Stoke ventured into the world of business aged only 17.
Famous for his originality following the success of many top productions under his label, Chris has been a revelation in the music world.
Being part of each phase of the originality method, Chris is a competent songbird too. His contribution has been helpful in the success stories of endowed groups like Immature and B2K. In addition, he has also co-written solo ventures with Marques Houston and Omarion.
Certainly, Chris Stokes is one of the most prominent personalities when it comes to R n B music. His innovative projects involve more than just his music background. For instance, Chris made his trademark directing/writing entrance with the highly effective project You Got Served in the year 2003. This movie came as a surprise in the film industry, starting at the top position and dominating the charts for two consecutive weeks. The film brought him over $150 million globally. The movie and its highly surprising reception in Hollywood brought about life in the entire dance world and caused a spark to the jazz culture around the world as a whole.
Chris went on to become director of over a hundred track videos for those artists that were signed to his label along with others under different labels. This included the Cut off Time video by Omarion. Just recently, Chris directed the initial videos for musician Omarion’s duo album.
Also, Chris has interests in the fashion industry as well. He founded the Christopher Brian fashion line, which targets the high end shoppers. He has served as its creative executive of the apparel label for all the years it has been operating. The label symbolizes his idea for the comfy, stunning outfits for both men and women. Christened the “make of the million dollar person”, the label has been a great hit in the market as well as the various shows in the country. The outfits are available in certain stores at the moment.
In the year 2007, Chris directed one of the finest horror movies in history with the release of “Somebody Help Me”, featuring Marques Houston and Omarion. Ever since, he has done a lot of other successful works in the horror genre. He is also said to be venturing to the TV world too.


Memory Foam Mattresses Make For More Happy Couples



Double Memory Foam Mattresses Address the Whole Problem

It is rare indeed that both parties in a relationship are the exact size and weight. While this may not matter to you, overtime it has a definite effect on your ability to sleep comfortably. Unless you are a couple who enjoys sleeping on a board, most mattresses indent when you lay on them. The heavier a person is the more the cheap mattresses. Which means the lighter person ends up rolling into the hole or valley created by the heavier person. Over time this hole becomes permanent making for even more uncomfortable sleep for the lighter person.


A double memory foam mattress addresses the hole problem by eliminating it. Because memory foam fits the contours of both people allowing them to sink into their own little niche, there is no rolling towards the center of the bed unless, it is by choice. In addition, memory foam springs back to it’s original shape meaning that the mattress shifts with each change in position making it possible for each party to remain comfortable through out the night.


Less Tossing and Turning With Memory Foam

Memory foam is considered an orthopedic material. Double memory foam mattresses will help relieve those pressure points that cause you to ache while you are sleeping. Less aches means less tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. Which means your partner will not be kept awake because of your restlessness.



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